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Related Files: mysearchbar remove mysearch remove mysearch uninstall mysearch removing mysearch mysearch toolbar removal mysearch mysearch bar .Mysearch Uninstall step2: For the MyWeb variant, be sure to also remove 'Fun Web ... Mysearch Uninstall step3: Reset your home page if it has been changed.MySearch is a browser hijack program implemented as IE toolbar. Besides providing search features, it also hijacks Internet Explorer homepage.
What is Mysearch and how to remove this spyware
My Search Bar is a commercial Internet Explorer add-on. This toolbar allows to search the web using popular Internet search engines. However, it also displays advertising links. My Search Bar doesn't distribute itself and must be manually installed. Lots of ad-supported application can add it to the system. My Search Bar runs every time the user launches Internet Explorer.

How to remove Mysearch - Mysearch Uninstall Instructions

  1. Click Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs, select the 'My Search Bar' (MySearch variant), 'MyWay Speed Bar' (MyWay) or 'My Web Search Bar' (MyWeb) entry and click 'Remove'. For the MyWeb variant, be sure to also remove 'Fun Web Products Easy Installer'.
  2. Open Internet Explorer, click Tools > Internet Options, reset your home page (General > Home Page) and search settings (Programs > Reset Web Settings).(Internet Options->General->Start Page) if it has been changed, and search settings (Internet Options->Programs->Reset web settings).
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