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What is and how to remove this spyware is a pay-per-click search portal by c2 Media Ltd.  they have a program which is called mp3 search program or other programs, which can turn user's web browser's search function to you may download it from crack or mp3 sites.

Lop is a family of programs that set your start page and IE's search features to use the site ('Live Online Portal') or one of its clone sites. Known lop sites include:

It also creates a registry entry to load a file named mp3serch.exe (or lopsearch.exe if you have the beta version) at every time windows reboot. it's hard to remove it manually. is also known as:
Adware/Adtomi - named by Panda.
Adware/Apropos - named by Panda.
Adware/Lop - named by Panda.
Adware/nCase - named by Panda.
Adware/NetPals - named by Panda.
Adware/WinActive - named by Panda.
Adware-180Solutions - named by McAfee.
C2 edia - named by c.
after the ompany that makes it..
Dialer.AL - named by Panda.
Lop - named by a.
LopAdvert - named by McAfee.
MP3Search - named by McAfee.
MpAdvert - named by McAfee.
Spyware/Infameow - named by Panda.
Trj/Downloader.HC - named by Panda.
Trj/Downloader.HW - named by Panda.
Trj/Downloader.HX - named by Panda.
Trj/Zerolin.A - named by Panda.
Trojan.Win32.SecondThought.h - named by Kaspersky.
TrojanClicker.Win32.Rotarran (for Lop.Com.WinactiveJ) - named by a.
TrojanDownloader.Win32.Small.bp - named by Kaspersky. - named by Kaspersky. - named by Kaspersky. - named by Kaspersky. - named by Kaspersky. - named by Kaspersky.
TrojanDownloader.Win32.Swizzor.i - named by Kaspersky.
TrojanDownloader.Win32.Swizzor.q - named by Kaspersky.
TrojanDropper.Win32.Small.fl - named by Kaspersky.
VBS.ObjectDataHTA - named by Computer Associates.
VBS.Suzer - named by Computer Associates.
VBS/Inor.gen - named by Panda.
VBS/Suzer.A!Dropper - named by Computer Associates.
Win32/Polbya.A!Trojan - named by Computer Associates.

How to remove - Remove lop-com Instructions

Follow these removal steps to manually remove LinkReplacer from your computer.

Open RegEdit (click Start > Run, and type 'regedit').

Delete the following keys:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\explorer\browser helper objects\

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