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Offers Remove SpySheriff instructions, how to Remove SpySheriff.Find and Detect SpySheriffon your PC.SpySheriff Description and Removal Instructions.
What is SpySheriff and how to remove this spyware
SpySheriff is rogue anti-spyware software that acts like a trojan horse. SpySheriff hijacks the desktop, changes the wallpaper to a warning message to lure the user into using the antispyware software it installs.

How to remove SpySheriff - Remove SpySheriff Instructions

Kill the following processes
1950.exe , newdial.exe , spysheriff.exe , uninstall.exe , winstall.exe
Delete these registry entries
Remove the following files
1950.exe , Desktop.html , newdial.exe , spysheriff.exe , uninstall.exe , winstall.exe .
SpySheriff.lnk in Desktop\
Remove the following directories
Program Files\spysheriff

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