Uninstall Blubster

Offers a Blubster Uninstall guide. how to remove and uninstall the Blubster peer to peer file sharing application which runs on ad support from your computer.
What is Blubster and how to remove this spyware
Aside from connecting you to a network of users for your download needs, Blubster also has chat and voice chat features to connect you to other users, and gives you the anonymity that you need. However, Blubster bundles four spyware programs that will be installed on your PC. The bundled spyware are Cydoor, MyWay, WebHancer (all three are adware), and Blazefind.IESearchbar (browser hijacker).

How to remove Blubster - Uninstall Blubster Instructions

Remove Blubster using Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.
Remove both the entries, Blubster and Blubster ads support.
Delete the Blubster folder under Program Files directory.

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