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What is Uninstall CasinoOnNet and how to remove this spyware
Casino-on-Net is one of the leading Casinos on the Internet. Casino-on-Net is operated by Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Ltd., a registered company incorporated and located in Gibraltar (company registration number 83961). Personal Information Collection: Casino-on-Net collects personal information when you use their online gambling services, make customer enquiries, register for information or other services. For example, your name and e-mail address, address, telephone number, debit/credit card data and lifestyle and other information collected on registration or through surveys. Your information may, for the Purposes described above, be disclosed for processing to the following Recipients: any other companies within the Cassava Group and our and their employees; to any third party service providers who use your personal information to provide services to us; or to any auditors or contractors or other advisers auditing any of Cassava Group's business processes, potential purchasers or investors in any company within the Cassava Group.

How to remove Uninstall CasinoOnNet - Uninstall Casino net Instructions

Kill the following processes
casino.exe, downloadinstaller.exe, casinoonnet.exe, biuninst.exe, dlhelperexe.exe
Unregister the following DLLs and reboot
bszip.dll, shared_.dll in Program Files\casinoonnet\
mmi.dll, sounddrv.dll in Program Files\casinoonnet\utils\
Delete these registry entries
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\uninstall\casino on net\displayname
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\uninstall\casino on net\uninstallstring
Remove the following files
casino.exe-27f7a5da.pf, casinonet.exe-005c2d4f.pf, casinoonnet.exe-06ab387b.pf, casinoonnet.txt, conditions.txt, cst.iss, ecinw.iss, install.log, installcasino.exe-178a82de.pf, pl.iss, reserve.txt, tooltips.ini.
casino on net.lnk, five roses casino.url, mayan sportsbook.url, onluck casion.url, riviera gold.lnk, riviera gold.ulr in Desktop\
casino on net.lnk, uninstall casino on net.lnk in Documents and Settings\UserName\administrator\start menu\programs\casino on net\
bszip.dll, casino.exe, downloadinstaller.exe, shared_.dll, unwise.ini in Program Files\casinoonnet\
casinoonnet.exe, mmi.dll, sounddrv.dll in Program Files\casinoonnet\utils\
biuninst.exe in Program Files\common files\ca shared\
dlhelperexe.exe in startupfolder+\
Remove the following directories
Documents and Settings\UserName\start menu\programs\aceclub casino online download deluxe suite
Documents and Settings\UserName\start menu\programs\casino on net
Documents and Settings\UserName\start menu\programs\riviera gold
Program Files\casinoonnet
Program Files\casinoonnet\bj\media
Program Files\casinoonnet\cash\media
Program Files\casinoonnet\lobby\media
Program Files\casinoonnet\login\media
Program Files\casinoonnet\media
Program Files\casinoonnet\update
Program Files\casinoonnet\utils
Program Files\common files\ca shared

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