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What is SnoopStick and how to remove this spyware
SnoopStick is commercial computer surveillance program that tracks user activity, records both sides of instant messenger conversations, monitors e-mail and web site access. The program can also be used to block access to specific web sites and prevent users from using certain Internet software. SnoopStick comes preinstalled on a flash drive. Once that drive is plugged into a computer, the program installs itself to the system. All gathered data is stored on a flash drive. SnoopStick runs as a service on every Windows startup.

How to remove SnoopStick - Uninstall SnoopStick Instructions

Kill processes:
csssupd.exe, cssswd.exe, mslspcg.exe, snoopstick.exe, sscrg.exe, ssdgt.exe, ssls.exe, ssmsgr.exe

Delete registry values:

Delete files:
csssupd.exe, cssswd.exe, mslspcg.exe, snoopstick.exe, sscrg.exe, ssdgt.exe, ssls.exe, ssmsgr.exe, mia.dll, smdnn05.dll, sporder.dll

Delete directories:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\
Exact file location:
mslspcg.exe, smdnn05.dll, sporder.dll - C:\WINDOWS\System32 or C:\WINNT\System32
csssupd.exe, cssswd.exe, sscrg.exe, ssdgt.exe, ssls.exe, ssmsgr.exe - C:\WINDOWS or C:\WINNT
snoopstick.exe, mia.dll - C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\/67E71F41-70D9-4823-8EC0-78BC232B5E7A/

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