Xupiter Removal

Xupiter Removal guide and learn how to remove xupiter and uninstall this toolbar homepage hijacher and all of its components How to Safely Remove Xupiter Browser Hijacker spwyware.
What is Xupiter and how to remove this spyware
Xupiter is a malicious Internet Explorer search toolbar containing links to some web search services. It displays unexpected pop-up advertisements, changes web browser's default home and search pages, modifies essential address bar settings and adds numerous bookmars leading to advertising sites. The parasite also downloads and installs arbitrary third-party applications. It is able to update itself via the Internet. Xupiter is usually installed by some insecure web resources. It is also bundled with certain ad-supported software. Xupiter automatically runs on every Windows startup.

How to remove Xupiter - Xupiter Removal Instructions

Delete registry values:
Unregister DLLs:
browsertoolbar.dll, bwsearch.dll, bwupdate.dll, xtsearch.dll, xtupdate.dllxupitertoolbar.dll
Delete files:
browsertoolbar.dll, bwsearch.dll, bwupdate.dll, xtsearch.dll, xtupdate.dllxupitertoolbar.dll
Delete directories:
C:\Program Files\Browser
C:\Program Files\Xupiter

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